Phyllis Krystal Method ® – Workbook
15. May 2018
Phyllis Krystal Method ® – Symbol Cards MINI
15. May 2018

Phyllis Krystal Method ® – Mini Book No 1


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Ausgabe in englischer Sprache.

This little booklet can give you a taste of the way this method can help you to deal with many of your daily problems and challenging situations. It gives you an opportunity to use just a few of these practical tools.

This method is based on the fact, that we all have two other parts to our mind, in addition to the conscious mind that we use all day long. However, the other two aspects are also very important, though generally overlooked.
One is the subconscious part, which, as the name implies, is below the level of our consciousness. This part is like a data bank in a computer, where everything that has ever happened to us, from birth until now, is stored. Its language, by which we can communicate with it, is in the form of pictures or symbols, as in many ancient languages as well as in dreams. The Chinese have a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

ring bound: 28 pages

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