Welcome to the Phyllis Krystal Method

If you are looking for support to be able to help yourself, the method which was brought forth by Phyllis Krystal can be a very efficient tool. By practising the simple exercises, you can free yourself from limitations, inner blocks and old behaviour patterns and also deal more easily with problems and challenges in your life.

But probably you are just curious to give more meaning to your life or you would like to discover more about your personal potential.    

There are already many people who managed to change their lives to an unexpectedly large extend by using this method, usually associated with a more loving way of treating themselves.


„If the method was able to help me, it can help everybody.“

- Phyllis Krystal (11.5.1914 – 10.12.2016) -

  • Ana María Picher Catalá
    The method, for me, is an instrument to free myself from anything that covers or separates me from my true Self.
    Ana María Picher Catalá
  • Toñi Giménez Milán
    Thanks to the method I am living in peace with myself and others. Thanks!
    Toñi Giménez Milán
  • Amaia de Navascués de Lucas
    To me, Phyllis’ method seems magic, but the most beautiful thing about it is, that it is not, it is real.
    Amaia de Navascués de Lucas
  • María José Fernández Illescas
    The method has brought happiness and hope into my life because through it I understand on a daily basis that I am responsible for my well-being of tomorrow, by using it.
    María José Fernández Illescas
  • Silvia Martínez Andina
    This method has changed me and my life step by step……from being a person who almost never spoke to a person who speaks, is more secure and gets to know herself better every day, being more and more herself. Thank you, Phyllis!
    Silvia Martínez Andina
  • Concha Carracedo Carracedo
    The method shows us the way to discover who we really are.
    Concha Carracedo Carracedo
  • Visitación García Ortúzar
    The method of cutting the ties has made me feel freer, more secure and determined in my relationships.
    Visitación García Ortúzar
  • Zulema Blanco Carracedo
    I am using Phyllis' method and I am always grateful for it.
    Zulema Blanco Carracedo
  • Emilia Consuelo Aparici Prats
    For me, from the beginning on and more and more, the method is a way to be in touch with my Inner Self. Thank you, Phyllis for your dedication.
    Emilia Consuelo Aparici Prats
  • Asunción Herrera Rodríguez
    Phyllis and her method showed me how make contact with my true self. I’ll be for ever grateful for it.
    Asunción Herrera Rodríguez