Cooperation Partner

Persons who feel committed to the Phyllis Krystal Method and, possibly, to Phyllis Krystal on a personal level and the endeavor to use and share the Method the way it was developed and taught by Phyllis herself.
Persons who have acquired experience in using the Method for themselves and with other persons.

Persons who have attended a Training Seminar and have committed to participate regularly the Supervisions organized by the Phyllis Krystal Foundation.

It must be mentioned here that the Foundation, however, cannot assume the responsibility for the work of each of the cooperation partners.

From 2008 to 2013, Phyllis Krystal herself imparted three two-years Training Units because the use and sharing of the Method in the form she had taught it, was her special concern. After having participated successfully in the Trainings, the participants obtained a certificate. For all those who had such a certificate, Phyllis, in 2013 und 2014, gave supervisions.
A first draft for a contract goes back to that time in order to give a framework to persons who wanted to cooperate with Phyllis and shared her concern.
After Phyllis’ death, the Foundation has gone back to this draft, has adapted it so that Phyllis’ aim, the network of persons who use and share the Method the way she had taught it, can be built.
The cooperation partnership is the platform to continue with what Phyllis had started in the Trainings and the two Supervisions: Cooperation not operation – as she would always say!

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Nicole Anceschi
Switzerland | Steingasse 1, 4416, Bubendorf
Anna-Elisabeth Barisch
Germany | , 57392, Schmallenberg
Diana & Felix Beldi-Beck
Sweden | Billstavägen 48, 153 95, Järna
Agnes Berger Bertschinger
Switzerland | Engehaldenstrasse 210, 3004, Bern
Josef Glatz
Austria | , 8241, Dechantskirchen
Kirsten Heining
Germany | , 58452, Witten/Ruhrgebiet
Gabriele Höferer
Germany | Riederstraße 17, 82211, Herrsching
Friederike Jacoby
Germany | Schönbergweg 12, 79283, Bollschweil
Prem Sunil Lekhi
USA | , New Jersey 08820, Edison
Ines C. Loeliger
Switzerland | Huberstrasse 34/15, 3008, Bern
Priya Raghunanan
USA | 7640 Parkview Way, 33065, Coral Springs
Ulrike Rettig
Germany | , 64678, Lindenfels
Bjørn Ribers
Denmark | , 5700, Svendborg
Susanne Vötsch
Germany | Zeppelinstrasse 106, 45470, Mülheim Ruhr
Gabriele Waldherr
Germany | Gentzstraße 3, Rgb., 80796, Munich
Jane Wendel
Germany | Geschwister- Scholl- Str. 32, 64572, Büttelborn
Elke Wendt
Germany | Bei der Schafbrücke 11, 23562, Lübeck
Dr. Agnes Ziegler
Germany | , 66424, Homburg
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