The Foundation

For Phyllis Krystal it was a main concern to preserve and maintain the method, which she and her friend Virginia had developed, so that it would be available to as many people as possible in its original form.

For that purpose, Phyllis founded the Phyllis Krystal Foundation on September, 29th, 2011 and, in accordance with articles 80 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB), had it officially notarized and thereupon registered in the Commercial Register (CHE-306.188.754) on December, 22nd, 2011.

The founder defined the following objects for the “Phyllis Krystal Foundation” in the bylaws:

  • Safekeeping the idea and documents of the Phyllis Krystal Method®.
  • Promoting and disseminating the Phyllis Krystal Method®.
  • Providing support for training and further training in application of the Phyllis Krystal Method®.

The “Phyllis Krystal Foundation” may act on its own in Switzerland and abroad in pursuit of its objects or support third parties. It may also acquire property and participate in other organisations.

The “Phyllis Krystal Foundation” is formed for an indeterminate period.

The seat of the “Phyllis Krystal Foundation” is situated in:
Stradun 319 A – 7550 SCUOL – Graubünden – Switzerland

The Foundation Board:
President: Peter Schlachter
Vicepresident: Heinrich Malina
Board member: Ernestine Lüdeke